Course curriculum

    1. Cinema Secrets for Public Speaking

    2. The Feeling of Insecurity and How to Deal With It

    3. What Will We Learn In This Course?

    4. Words and How They Captivate Us...

    1. Do You Fear Large Audiences?

    2. Is Public Speaking The Greatest Fear People Have?

    3. Phobias In The World of Public Speaking

    4. Realism Versus Optimism

    5. Why Are We Afraid of Public Speaking?

    6. The Importance of Our Autonomic Nervous System

    7. Relaxing Under Pressure

    8. Where Does Your Anxiety Lie?

    1. Commitment Challenges

    2. The Trickery of Self Image

    3. How Important is Presentation Preparation?

    1. Breathwork

    2. Breathwork Exercise

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Think Like An Actor

Learn the Performance Secrets of Hollywood Actors for YOUR Presentation.