BehindTheTalk Course #2


Dive into the art of storytelling and how it can be used to create a deep connection with your audience. You'll discover the power of using mental imagery to help your audience visualize and engage with you and your story. You will also learn how to develop a clear structure for your story, including a compelling beginning, an engaging middle, and an impactful ending.

Course curriculum

    1. Affecting Your Audience

    2. The Automatic Brain

    3. Building Credibility

    4. Authenticity

    5. Connecting to Your Audience

    6. Is Content Everything?

    7. Moving Your Audience

    8. Building Rapport

    9. Greeting Your Audience

    10. Greeting Your Audience Part 2

    1. A Simple Introduction Wins

    2. Gesturing

    3. Patterned Speech

    4. Standing

    5. Mental Imagery

    1. Telling Your Story

    2. Who is Your Audience?

    3. Your Purpose

    4. Your Intention

    5. Organizing Your Presentation

    1. Benefits of Outlining

    2. The Text Message Outline

    3. Standard Outline Preparation

    4. The Speaker Outline

    1. Telling Great Stories

    2. Showing Your Story

    3. Showing Our Story Part 2

    4. Are You a Good or Great Storyteller?

    5. Story and Theatrical Technique

    6. The Golden Rule of Storytelling

    1. Connecting to Your Audience

    2. Be Unique

    3. Making an Interesting Choice

    4. How to Introduce Yourself

    5. What Doesn't The Audience Expect?

    6. Chapter Review: Connecting to Your Audience

About this course

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  • 37 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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