BehindTheTalk Course #1

Establish Your Public Speaking Foundation

You will learn the fundamentals of public speaking by developing the confidence to own the stage and connect with your audience. With a focus on relaxation and self-awareness, this course is ideal for business professionals and students who want to think like an actor and master the art of public speaking. Join me to unlock your potential as a speaker and captivate your audience every time.

Course curriculum

    1. Preparation before Speaking

    2. Relaxing and Being Confident is Key

    3. Do You Think Like a Performer?

    1. Common Obstacles With Breathwork

    2. Quieting The Mind

    3. Breathwork At a Deeper Level

    4. Practice Makes Progress

    5. Executive Presence

    6. Always Be Ready

    7. Creative Constructive Habits

    8. Working Backwards and Taking Focus

    1. Your Energy

    2. The Stakes of Your Presentation

    3. Challenge The Silence

    4. Being of Service to Our Audience

    5. Recognize The Build

    6. The Set Up

    7. Set Up ~Joke~ Reaction

    8. Listening

    1. Physical Punctuation

    2. Wardrobe

    3. Memorization

    4. Unique Situations

    1. Using Your Space

    2. Controlling Our Space

    3. Blocking and Wardrobe

    4. Clothing Perception

    5. Space Utilization

    6. Space Utilization Part 2

    1. Technique

    2. The Mind - Body Connection

    3. Concluding Our Speech

    4. Rereading Your Presentation

    5. Presentation Strategy

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 41 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Think Like An Actor

Learn the Performance Secrets of Hollywood Actors for YOUR Presentation.